Closed Circuit Television (CCTV):

Polygom  Security expertly designs surveillance systems. It supplies and  adaptable to be installed with all types of CCTV systems. We have the  expertise and experience to install the appropriate CCTV systems for  your premise. We install indoor & outdoor surveillance camera,  digital video recorder (DVR), network video recorder (NVR) and IP  Cameras. Whether the objective is surveillance or time laps video, Polygom Security systems will  manage your project and marketing needs. With our Mega Pixel IP camera  you can look over your premise from anywhere in the world through a  computer or smart phone.

To get more information on how IP camera works click link below:



Video Management Software (VMS):

Polygom Security systems also  offer Video Management Software (VMS) which enables our clients to take  full control of their systems both live or through remote viewing. VMS  records and controls event-management for IP alongside all analog  cameras. With this advanced video management analytics, our client are  able to use facial recognition, license plate recognition, people  counting, motion detection, observation of any object left behind and  much more! 


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We  are providing our clients the latest innovation in CCTV industry which  is introduction of IP Cameras for CCTV application. Commonly available  IP CCTV cameras offer HD 720 P or 1080 P resolution. With our unique  wireless Pan, Tilt, Zoom Camera (No Internet connection required – only  power) you will be able to view live video of daily’s activities and  image of your job site.360 view with 6 individual frames provide the  detail you need and document critical activities.

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