At Polygom Security we  do all kind of projects from single family house, Custom home, Medium  projects like town houses or Major commercial project like hi risers. We  have work with well known development company in all lower mainland and  gained good experiences to all project level. 
Polygom Security managed following projects either directly or as a subcontractor bases:​


Lake View Hotel:
All CCTV in Hotel with remote access 
Harrison Hot Springs, Feb 2016
Far Group Development:
7 Custom Homes In Anmore Area
Anmore, Feb 2016
Atti Group Development:
Custom Homes with future of control4 automation to control lighting, Security, climate control, shade, whole house music and
home theater system
West Vancouver, Feb 2016
Performance Construction:
Villa Project 59 units apartment and Commercial Units
Vancouver, Feb 2016
Marble Construction:
Custom  home with future of control4 automation to control lighting, Security,  climate control, shade, whole house music and home theater system
North Vancouver, Aug 2015
Atti Group Development:
Two  Custom Homes with future of control4 automation to control  lighting, Security, climate control, shade, whole house music and home  theater system
West Vancouver, July 2015
JRXL Development:
Mix residential and Commercial, All Access Control, Enterphone, Network CCTV, units communication and securityVancouver, May 2015
Kamcon Construction:
Mix residential and Commercial, all Access Control, Enterphone, Security and CCTV
North Vancouver, Feb 2015
Thind Properties:Smart Home integration for lighting, T- Stat, Audio, Video and Securituy with Control4 for Sky Tower
Vancouver, Jan 2015
Vancor Development:
SFD all Low Voltage, with Sound System and Home Theater
Surrey, Jan 2015
Petro Canada CCTV upgrade: 
Various location around lower mainland, Nov 2014 - In progress
Atti Group Development:
Single Family custom home with Control4
West Vancouver, Nov 2014
THIND Properties:
Penthouse Home Automation with Control4  
Vancouver, June 2014
THIND Properties:
Hi-rise Building, Mix residential and Commercial
​All Communication, R/I Access Control , Entryphone and CCTV
Vancouver, Dec 2013
West Fraser Development:
Mix Residential and Commercial, 
​Access Control Systems, CCTV
Vancouver, 2013
Attar Development:
Single Family House, All Network and AV System,
West Vancouver, Nov 2013
Atti Group Development:
2 Single Family House with Home Automation, AV Systems and all
​other low voltage.
West Vancouver, 2013Zhong Xin Investment Ltd:
14 unit Mixed residential and Commercial (All Low Voltage)
Vancouver, 2013
Timberland Development:
6 unit residential Development (All Low Voltage)
Port Coquitlam, 2013
Atti Group Development:
17 unit residential Development (All Low Voltage) 
Port Coquitlam, 2013 
Ice Development:
All Low voltage for SFD
Burnaby, 2013
Bloom Group Community Service Society:
All Low Voltage maintenance, Installation, Intercom, CCTV, Electric Doors and upgrading Nurse call Systems
Various Locations in Vancouver, 2012, Current 
Jonas M. Cacchioni Law Office:
CCTV installation and configuration
Vancouver, BC 2012 
Market Hill Animal hospital:
Voice, Data, CATV, CCTV installation and configuration.
Vancouver, BC 2011
ABL Security (Subcontractor):
Various SFD
Surrey, BC 2012 
Lotus Trucking:
Voice, Data, CCTV, Access Control, Alarm Systems
Delta, BC 2012
Planet Press:
Voice, Data, CCTV, Alarm Systems
Burnaby, BC 2012
Securicom Solutions (Subcontractor):

123 Cambie:
Commercial Building, Access Control and CCTV    
Vancouver BC, 2013
Center of Newton:
Residential Tower (Ventana Construction): Access Control, IP Camera
Surrey, BC 2013 
Mix Commercial & Residential Tower (Aragon Development): Access Control, CCTV 
Port Moody, BC 2013
The RDH Group:
Voice, Data, CATV Both Side Termination 
Vancouver, BC 2012
Vancouver harbour flight Center:
(Ledcor Project) Access Control, IP CCTV, Voice, data and CATV. Vancouver, BC 2011 
Grand on Oak:
Multi Town House (Concord Pacific Project): Access Control, CCTV, Voice, data and CATV. 
Vancouver, BC 2010
Park Place:
3 tower Hi Rise Condo. (Concord Pacific Project): Site Security Wireless video motion detector. 
Surrey, BC 2010
9 stories Condo (Concord Pacific Project): Access Control, CCTV, Voice, data and CATV.
Vancouver, BC 2009
Suter Brook Village:
Multi high rise and town house (Onni Project): Access Control, CCTV, Voice, Data and  CATV.  
Port Moody, BC 2008
3 tower Hi Rise (Onni Project): Multi high rise, Access control, CCTV, Voice, data and CATV.
Richmond, BC 2008